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Top Raising Readers Blog Posts from 2019

| Reading Aloud

Every other week, we’ve written and shared Raising Readers blog posts with you in mind. We cover everything related to early childhood literacy like read-aloud tips, recommended book lists, and much more. These are the blog posts you liked the most in 2019.

#5 Tips for Making Read Aloud Time Fun

Making reading aloud as enjoyable as possible is well worth it — the more fun sharing books together is, the more families will do it! When you feel like your family’s reading time could use a pick-me-up, this post shares simple strategies!

#4: 3 Tips for Parents: How to Raise a Word Lover

Parents and caregivers love to share funny things their children say. Learning new words is not just cute, though; a large vocabulary is a powerful predictor of school success, and parents have a significant impact on children’s word learning from infancy onwards.

#3: 3 Ways Reading Aloud Builds Life Skills

Reading can help children of all ages develop important social behaviors such as good communication, teamwork, problem solving skills, and seeing things from another person’s perspective. New research is showing that these “soft” skills are just as important as language and literacy in preparing children to succeed in school and life.

#2: 8 Ways to Celebrate Get Caught Reading Month

At Raising Readers, we love any reason or season to celebrate good books. So, it’s no surprise that May is one of our favorite months because it’s Get Caught Reading Month. Get caught reading with us!

#1: Help! My Kids Won’t Sit Still for Story Time

Children learn via all their senses and their bodies are built to move. Many children go through a phase in which they do not want to sit and listen to books. Parents who’ve been there speak to the value of persistence. When a child won’t sit still for story time, reading aloud still offers enormous benefits whether children sit still or not.

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