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Books, Books Everywhere: Create a Reader-Friendly Home for Your Children

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For Maine children, receiving Raising Readers books from their doctor is simply a part of growing up. In addition to reading Raising Readers books, there are other ways you can nurture your child’s love of books and reading at home. Whether you buy more books of your own, borrow them from your local library, or get them on loan from friends, sharing any book with your child is the first, and most important, step in creating a reader-friendly home.

Here are some ways to add more books to your child’s home library and to make those books a part of your and your child’s everyday routine.

  • Refresh the books you have.

    Ask your family and friends to give books as gifts for special occasions like birthdays or holidays. Or, host a book swap where family and friends can bring some of their forgotten books to swap with your own.

  • Buy used books.

    Look for gently used books at yard sales, thrift stores, library sales, etc. If you visit thrift stores in Maine, you may even find a gently-used Raising Readers book or two. Just look for the Raising Readers seal on the book cover.

  • Borrow Books from the library.

    Most local libraries have children’s sections and many also offer free story hours for little ones. (In Maine, you can find the public library nearest you here.) Visit the library and let your child pick some books to take home, and don’t forget to choose a book for yourself, too.

  • Be a Reading Role Model

    You’ve probably heard that it’s important to read aloud to your child everyday for at least 15 minutes. Find some time to read books you enjoy and make it part of your daily routine. When your child sees you reading on your own, they see that reading is an important (and fun!) priority.

  • Keep books as handy as toys.

    Put books where your child can reach them and look at them on their own. A basket on the floor or a sturdy, low shelf works great.

Do you have some suggestions for ways to create a reader-friendly home? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook. Other parents and caregivers will benefit from your ideas.

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This post was originally published in October 2018.