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The Journey of a Raising Readers Book

| 20th Anniversary

Have you ever wondered how Raising Readers books are selected or how they make their way into the hands of Maine children? Join us on this journey of a Raising Readers’ book!

Each year, we search the globe for the very best children’s books, with help from our publishing partners.  Hundreds of books are shipped to Maine where they are sorted and later read and reviewed by a book advisory committee made of doctors, nurse practitioners, librarians, early literacy experts (among many others). We eventually whittle that long list of books down to only one book for each age group! Once the titles have been selected, a big network of people customize, print, and ship the books to Maine. From right here in Maine, orders are processed and delivered every day to hospital staff, midwives, and healthcare providers to share with Maine children. That’s just a sneak peek. See the entire journey of a Raising Readers book–from start to family read-aloud time–in this video.