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The Road to Literacy: Celebrating 25 Years

| Brain Development, Reading

For most Maine families, July 25th was simply a gorgeous summer day – one we long for during the long, cold winter months.  For the Raising Readers team, it also marked a very special anniversary.  On July 25th, 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed the National Literacy Act into law, inspired in large part by Mrs. Bush’s passion for literacy and her belief in education as a civil right.

Though millions of adults have learned to read, write and speak English and obtain their high school diploma since this act was passed, low literacy is still a major grandmom reading to grandabyissue facing our nation and one we must continue to work on TOGETHER. The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy continues Mrs. Bush’s vision that everyone should have the opportunity to secure a better life through literacy.

Raising Readers is proud to do its part to inspire a love of books and reading among young children here in Maine. Research tells us that reading aloud to children makes a big difference in their brain development, helping them create pathways they will use later on to learn important skills and process information.

By encouraging parents to enjoy books with their little ones, we hope that children grow up associating reading with feelings of trust, safety and love and that they begin to develop an awareness of all that being literate can offer them – the opportunity to learn, the space to dream and imagine, and the possibility of building a bright and successful future.

Please join us in saluting Mrs. Bush and the team at the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy for their role in shining a light on this important issue. If you have questions about adult literacy or the National Literacy Act, please visit the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy’s website at www.barbarabush.org and join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter @BarbaraBushFdn.