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Celebrating Picture Books All Year Long

| Reading Aloud, Children's Books

During a great month celebrating National Picture Book Month,  I have highlighted some fun read-alouds that were published this year!  In order to keep you reading a variety of great books all year, here’s a pick for each month!  These would make great gifts, as the giving season starts as well.


Pablo, the sheep, is experiencing his first snow.  He discovers all sorts of wonderful things to do in the snow like making trails, and making friends and finding family!


This collection is of twisted truck rhymes set to familiar rhythms kids will know.  A great read for all those who love construction vehicles!

SMALL by Gina Perry

A petite little girl discovers, although she is small, she can be big, do big, and dream big!

HOW TO BE A BIGGER BUNNY by Florence Minor

A little bunny, who learns about herself and helps her family in the end.  She remembers all the lessons learned from her storybook.

I AM NOT A CHAIR by Ross Burach

A poor giraffe, who everyone mistakes for a chair, tries to get up the courage to tell everyone he’s not a chair,  until being a chair might just save him from being eaten.  Super silly, and kids love the humor!

BUNNY’S BOOK CLUB- by Annie Sylvestro

Bunny loves to read so much that he sneaks into the library to borrow books nightly and discovers his friends want to join him. This is great inspiration for a kid’s book group.  Get together with your child’s friends and parents and have them choose their favorite book to be read together as a group.

HATTIE AND HUDSON by Maine author, Chris Van Dusen

A young girl and the lake monster, who she befriends, are the main characters.  She knows it is okay to be different and everyone needs a chance to be who they are.  Adorable and a great book about acceptance and friendship.

THIS IS NOT A CAT! By David LaRochelle

In this silly story a teacher mouse is explaining to her students what a cat is not, until one comes along with an unexpected twist.

ESCARGOT by Dashka Slater

This story is about a French snail, who does not like carrots.  It is a great story to read aloud and is interactive for the listener, who is asked questions and given suggestions on things to do.  Kids will laugh out loud and so will you!


Jasper Bunny, who’s bigger and a little bit braver now, but has some trouble with some persistent pairs of green underwear!  Laugh out loud funny, and if you liked CREEPY CARROTS, this is a sure hit!

I WANT THAT NUT!  by Madeline Valentine

A mouse and a chipmunk who find an acorn and can’t agree who should have it.  Things get out of hand, but they soon realize it and move on to celebrating being and doing things together. This is a cute friendship story of want, and what can happen when we forget to share.

RED & LULU by Maine author, Matt Tavares

Two cardinals who are in love and the Christmas tree that ends up in Rockefeller Center in New York City are the basis for this beautiful story of loss, home and love, as well as, a little Christmas magic.

No matter how old your child gets, even when they begin to read on their own, don’t forget to continue sharing the magic of picture books. Children are never too old to read or be read a picture book, which are for all ages to enjoy, not just the very young!

Guest Blogger, (Miss Amy) Hand, is Head Children’s and Youth Services Librarian at Camden Public Library.

To explore these books yourself, visit your local library or your favorite local bookstore or online retailer.