Supporting Early Literacy Development

Raising Readers books provide the base for a common experience of shared books for Maine’s children of the same ages across the state. Beginning with the gift of the book and advice from a healthcare provider about the importance of reading aloud, the presence of the books in homes are a resource that can be magnified by experiences in other settings – libraries, childcare, preschool and home visits.  Collaboration with these groups has been critical to the success of Raising Readers.

Program books and materials have been used in lessons, story hours, parent education and more. Contact us at 1-800-397-3263 if you have questions about how others are using Raising Readers books and resources in their organizations.


Raising Readers Book Lists
Raising Readers Tips in Various Languages
Resources for Talking About Reading With Families With Low Literacy Levels
Book Activity Kits to Accompany Raising Readers Books

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