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Partnering with Maine Public Libraries

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Did you know April 7th through April 13th is National Library Week? We hope you’ll celebrate by visiting your local public library with your family.

Raising Readers builds home libraries, one book at a time, by giving books to children and families at birth at every well-child visit starting at 2 months. Every child receives their final Raising Readers book at their 5 year well-child visit. Sharing the love of books and reading doesn’t end there. Since the very beginning, Raising Readers has partnered with Maine public libraries. Together, we share the message with children and families that reading is just as important to a child’s development in the early years as it is when they’re learning to read on their own.

“Think about what a wonderful thing a library is: you can go there and pick out all the books you want, and they’ll let you borrow them for free! Even your best friend doesn’t have that many books to share with you. Speaking of friends, that’s what books are for me: good friends. I miss them when we’re apart and I can’t wait to see them again.” ~Maine Author and Illustrator, Chris Van Dusen

Here are some ways Raising Readers shares the public library love with Maine families and communities:

Book By Mail

The Maine State Library’s Books by Mail program mails library materials to Maine residents who do not have a full-service library in their community and to those who are home-bound.

Starting this year, we make sure that the 5 year-old book and the current Raising Readers’ collection is made available in the Book by Mail program. Click here to learn more!

I Spy: Raising Readers Books in Circulation

In most Maine public library collections, you will find some of the 5 year titles selected by Raising Readers in years past,  including a copy of each 5 year anthology. These beloved anthologies, given to children between 2005 and 2015, are bound copies of 5 titles, each one written or illustrated by an artist with ties to Maine!

Though Raising Readers no longer prints an anthology, we continue to select a very special book authored and/or illustrated by someone from Maine for all 5 year-olds. The most recent books donated to public libraries include The Circus Ship written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen and The Bugliest Bug written by Carol Diggory Shields and illustrated by Maine-native Scott Nash.


A Special Letter to Maine Children

Last but not least, you will find a special letter in front of every 5-year-old Raising Readers book.  Each letter inspires children and families to visit and explore their local public library. There, a world of books awaits to be read and loved. With a library card, everyone in the family can pick out books to take home.

We’d love to hear from you! Share your library love by sharing photos or a short story of your family enjoying your public library on the Raising Readers Facebook page.

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