Help Your Child Get Ready to Read

These resources will help you expand your knowledge of early literacy, give you ideas on sharing books with your child and how to help her get a good start on reading and learning.

Raising Readers Reading Tips Sheets – general reading tips in a variety of languages:

Parents and kids these days often have busy schedules, but still want to find time to connect in a meaningful way. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers a quick tip to help parents and children nurture their relationship – by reading a book together.

Sharing books with your child (by age)

Tips on reading with your child (by age)

Connect with a Book: Take 5 and Take Out a Book  (video)

Early Literacy Throughout the Year

These downloadable handouts offer you a year’s worth of information, ideas, and activities to help you advance your child’s early literacy skills. Each month features one of the literacy components proven to be important in advancing those skills.

January: Setting the Scene for Literacy – printable download
February: Creating a Love of Literacy – printable download
March: Promoting Oral Language – printable download
April: Building Vocabulary – printable download
May: Learning How Text Works – printable download
June: Playing with Sounds of Language – printable download
July: Building World Knowledge – printable download
August: Promoting Letter Recognition – printable download
September: Connecting Letters and Sounds – printable download
October: Building Genre Awareness – printable download
November: Building Comprehension – printable download
December: Promoting Writing – printable download

Other Reading Resources

Five Easy Ways to Encourage Early Literacy Skills: Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play (pdf download)

Get tips on how to teach a child to read with reading resources and reading activities from Teaching how to read can be fun for you and your child with pre-reading activities and fun reading activities that involve all the senses.


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