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Peek-a-Boo What?

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ISBN: 9781454920861

Publisher: Sterling Children's Books

Binding: Lift the Flap

Year Distributed: 2018 - 2019

Availability: Past Books

Themes/Topics: Play, Rhymes & Nursery Rhymes

Book Acticity

Peek-a-boo isn't a baby's favorite game by chance: after their first birthday, babies begin to understand that even when something isn't in sight, it still exists. They anticipate that it will reappear—and when it does, they laugh in delight. This charming lift-the-flap book with see-through die cuts encourages little ones to play the game. With its simple rhyming text and pictures of familiar objects and animals, Peek-a-Boo What? helps solidify object permanence.

Age Group 9 months

What’s Happening at this Age

  • Beginning to ‘choose’ a bedtime book by reaching for it
  • Beginning to look towards items you point to
  • Enjoying hiding for peekaboo
  • Imitating sounds

Your baby is likely developing some favorite books. They may even present you with what they want you to read when you hold up a couple of choices of books. Their attention span is getting longer so they may be able to enjoy a book with a couple of sentences to the page. They may also start pointing to things when you ask a question such as, ”Where’s the bunny?” Peekaboo is a favorite game as your dear one is just now starting to learn about how permanent things are. Will you still be behind your hands when you say Peekaboo? Oh good! It’s you!

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Why did we select this book?

We selected this book because it was created to act just like a peek-a-boo game. Unlike other books where you turn page after page, each page in this book folds out for an additional surprise and a wonderful word that rhymes with "boo". This marvelous book even has peek-a-boo holes where you can look though to the hidden image.

Book Acticity
Related Activities

Talk about what you see through the holes in this engaging book. Ask your child what they see. They will not answer, of course, but asking teaches your child a wonderful part of language — conversation.  The holes also make great things for your baby to grip.  Don’t ever worry about a baby “hurting” a book.  It can always be repaired with a little tape.  Grabbing for the book and putting a book in his mouth is all a part of baby getting to know and love books.


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