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One, two, three…Crawl!

Author: Carol Thompson

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ISBN: 9781846436147

Publisher: Child's Play

Binding: Board Book

Year Distributed: 2015 - 2016

Availability: Past Books

Themes/Topics: Babies, Opposites

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Run, climb, crawl, or jump – everybody loves to move! Fast or slow, up or down, alone or with our friends! Carol Thompson's exquisite illustrations allow us to share and explore the struggles, achievements, and sheer delight of children learning to manage and explore early movement challenges. These books are perfect aids to help build confidence and control. Ready? One, two, three...move!

Age Group 9 months

What’s Happening at this Age

  • Beginning to ‘choose’ a bedtime book by reaching for it
  • Beginning to look towards items you point to
  • Enjoying hiding for peekaboo
  • Imitating sounds

Your baby is likely developing some favorite books. They may even present you with what they want you to read when you hold up a couple of choices of books. Their attention span is getting longer so they may be able to enjoy a book with a couple of sentences to the page. They may also start pointing to things when you ask a question such as, ”Where’s the bunny?” Peekaboo is a favorite game as your dear one is just now starting to learn about how permanent things are. Will you still be behind your hands when you say Peekaboo? Oh good! It’s you!

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Why did we select this book?

Whenever it happens, crawling is such an exciting milestone in your child's development. When your baby can move on their own, their confidence and curiosity also move forward. The babies on the go in this book are both sweetly illustrated and wonderfully realistic. The addition of the short sentences that feature opposites like "in" and "out" or "over" and "under" help to build your baby's growing understanding of their position in the world and the words that describe those positions.

Book Acticity
Related Activities

The words on the page are to be read, but the words and pictures are also there to inspire you to talk about other things with your baby. Can you mention the baby’s sock in the picture? What color are your baby’s socks? Can you talk about a time your baby crawled under something? Relating the words and pictures on the page to things happening in your baby’s life helps them build connections. Try to include position words when you play with your child, like “You’re crawling under the chair” or “You put the ball in the box.” Connections made between words, pictures, talk, and objects around them help your baby grow a healthy brain and a big vocabulary!


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