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Mockingbird Song

Author: Carol Thompson

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ISBN: 9781846435744

Publisher: Child's Play

Binding: Board Book

Year Distributed: 2014 - 2015

Availability: Past Books

Themes/Topics: Nature, Songs

Book Acticity

In a new version of the old lullaby "Hush Little Baby," a baby is promised not a diamond ring, but a daisy ring and a day full of play with their caregivers.

Age Group Newborn

What’s Happening at this Age

  • Recognizing familiar voices
  • Gazing at high contrast pictures
  • Looking at faces

Your little one is just getting used to the world around them. That includes getting to know YOU in a new way! Up until now, your baby has only heard your voice. Your voice is the most important thing in their world right now. Singing and talking to them as you soothe them reinforces that connection. Reading simple books, even though they don’t understand them, gives you another way of sharing your connection. As their vision develops, they will be increasingly drawn to faces. When you talk with them, putting your face within 12 inches of theirs will help them connect your face to the sound that they already love!

Why did we select this book?

"Hush Little Baby" is a lullaby that many of us remember from our own childhoods. Babies grow healthy and strong when they feel safe. That sense of safety begins with the sound of your voice, a sound that is even more comforting when it hums and sings. Too, song and rhyming books are important tools for helping children begin to hear and play with the sounds in words which is a critical skill for children learning to read.

Book Acticity
Related Activities

No matter how well you sing, your baby thinks your singing voice is the most beautiful voice on the planet. Sing along with the words of the book if you know the tune. You might need to listen to a clip online to learn it or be reminded of it. Hold your baby close as you hum or sing the classic lullaby so your baby can feel the vibrations of the music. Every new experience is one that helps your baby grow, so sing like you are on stage and your child will be your best audience.


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