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If I Were A Kangaroo

Author: Mylissa Larsen

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ISBN: 9780451469588

Publisher: Viking

Binding: Hardcover

Year Distributed: 2021

Availability: Current Books

Themes/Topics: Animals, Bedtime, Rhymes & Nursery Rhymes

Book Acticity

It's time for sleep, and this fun-to-read rhyming tale envisions the bedtime rituals of animals from whales to otters, squirrels to gorillas. So curl up, imagine your favorite animal, and fall fast asleep.

Age Group 30 months

What’s Happening at this Age

  • May recite parts of well-known stories
  • Filling in words during read aloud
  • May be drawn to details and show enthusiasm for illustrations with parts they recognize

This is the beginning of the vocabulary avalanche! Your child is on the verge of learning so many words a day that you won’t be able to keep up! The next two years is the biggest explosion of vocabulary learning that a child will have in their entire life. Reading books with interesting language and that answer questions your child asks you can help build both vocabulary and knowledge about the world. Your child will be asking lots (and lots!) of questions. How you find out the answers together will show your child that their questions are valuable and that books and reading the internet can help us learn.

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Why did we select this book?

Raising Readers selected this book for your child to help ease into bedtime and to let you know that families all over the world—even in the animal kingdom—care for their young ones as they drift off to sleep. As your child grows, they will love hearing more and more about animals and their habits and how animals' lives are like their own. This book has the bonus of not only sleepy animal comparisons, but real facts about animals in the back.

Book Acticity
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