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Down On The Farm

Author: Merrily Kutner | Illustrator: Will Hillenbrand

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ISBN: 9780823421770

Publisher: Holiday House

Binding: Board Book

Year Distributed: 2009 - 2010 and 2016 - 2017

Availability: Past Books

Themes/Topics: Farm animals

Book Acticity

Simple rhyming text describes the sounds and activities of animals during a day on the farm.

Age Group 18 months

What’s Happening at this Age

  • Beginning to explore books on their own
  • May recite familiar stories to dolls or stuffed animals
  • Hearing favorite books over and over
  • May finish sentences in favorite books if you pause

Your child’s memory is expanding and they may surprise you with knowing the words of some of your favorite books and songs. Finger plays can help them to remember the songs, too. This is a busy time of brain building for your little one and you may find that they want a lot of repetition with favorite songs, stories, and activities. They’re building their own ability to engage in these things independently, so when you’re exhausted and your toddler is saying “Again! Again!” know that you’re investing in their ability to enjoy learning on their own.

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Why did we select this book?

Children love books with animal sounds and like to make animal sounds themselves. This book follows a baby goat through a barnyard where he encounters other animals and their unique sounds. We chose this over other barnyard books because of the funny things going on in the pictures that are not mentioned in the words.

Book Acticity
Related Activities

There are many barnyard animals in children’s books and on children’s toys. Every time you see a picture of an animal or an animal itself, let your child know what sound it makes. For example, “Is that a cow over there? What does a cow say? Moooo.” Or, “What does a dog say? Woof! Woof!”. Each time you read, talk, and sing to your Dear One, you are helping their language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech.


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