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Counting Cockatoos

Author: Stella Blackstone

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ISBN: 9781846860614

Publisher: Barefoot Books

Binding: Board Book

Year Distributed: 2008 - 2009

Availability: Past Books

Themes/Topics: Animals, Numbers

Book Acticity

Count all kinds of creatures as they tumble, rumble, slink and flap across the pages of this playful book! Count to twelve with help from tumbling tigers, winking owls and more, while you search for the two cockatoos hidden on every page.

Age Group 18 months

What’s Happening at this Age

  • Beginning to explore books on their own
  • May recite familiar stories to dolls or stuffed animals
  • Hearing favorite books over and over
  • May finish sentences in favorite books if you pause

Your child’s memory is expanding and they may surprise you with knowing the words of some of your favorite books and songs. Finger plays can help them to remember the songs, too. This is a busy time of brain building for your little one and you may find that they want a lot of repetition with favorite songs, stories, and activities. They’re building their own ability to engage in these things independently, so when you’re exhausted and your toddler is saying “Again! Again!” know that you’re investing in their ability to enjoy learning on their own.

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Why did we select this book?

We always like to include a counting book in the collection. The book committee was struck by the great colors in this book and the fun language (who would not want to say "cockatoos" again and again?).

Book Acticity
Related Activities

On pieces of paper, make bird shapes with a black crayon or marker. Don’t worry about them being perfect! The illustrator of Counting Cockatoos draws her cockatoos in a very loose fashion. Invite your young reader to color the bird. They do not have to stay in the lines and can use whatever colors they choose. Anything will work. When they are done coloring, cut the birds out around your black outline. Put tape on the back and hang the paper birds somewhere in the house and have your young reader find them. You can change their location every day when they are sleeping and invite them to find their birds each day when they wake up.


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