Two At The Zoo

Two At The Zoo

The 18 month selection from April 2010 - May 2011 (approx) From one black bear to ten hairy warthogs, the young narrator and his grandpa count their way through a colorful zoo, encountering a wide assortment of friendly animals along the way.

ISBN: 9780547357645
Author: Dana Smith
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 18 months

As the curious boy and his equally eager grandfather walk through the gate of the zoo, a reader is introduced to numbers, animals and their habits, and a rich array of rhymes and action words. The fun, bright illustrations match all of these features page by page. A book that is both fun to read aloud and packed with so many opportunities to learn, is the kind of book Raising Readers loves to offer in the program.

After repeated readings, you might stop to count the animals on each page with your child. Your child does not need to be able to say her numbers at this age, but listening to the repeated counting will get her ready to learn. There are some wonderful action words in this book like growling, prowling, waddle, toddle, and more. You might talk about these words and even have your child act them out with you. Also, you might relate the book to your child's life by mentioning a visit with a grandparent or another special day with a family member.

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