Quack Quack, Maisy

Quack Quack, Maisy

2012-2013 program distribution at 4M: Maisy, the favorite mouse of so many babies, toddlers, and their caregivers, feeds the animals on her farm. The reader gets to experience all of the animals' wonderful noises and Lucy Cousins' bold illustrations.

ISBN: 9780763661649
Author: Lucy Cousins
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 4 months

The Maisy board books have illustrations with bold solid-color backgrounds and thick black lines surrounding the characters, animals, and objects. These two features make it easier for you baby's eyes to focus on the page and discover all the surprises there. The book also creates a reason for you to play with animal sounds with your baby.

Your baby loves the sound of your voice and enjoys each new word or sound she hears from you. When you make the "moo" of a cow or the "neigh" of a horse, you are not only making sounds that will make your baby curious, you are also helping her start to make connections between things. She will someday know that a cow goes "moo" and a horse goes "neigh" all because you spent time with her in your lap, pointing at the pictures, making the funny barnyard noises, and enjoying time together.

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