Peek-a-BOO  What?

Peek-a-BOO What?

In this rhyming peek-a-boo book, flaps are lifted to reveal bold, fun illustrations. This is a delightful, interactive read-aloud for young ones.

ISBN: 9781934618509
Author: Begin Smart
Publisher: Begin Smart Books
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 9 months

Peek-a-boo isn’t a baby’s favorite game just by chance. When caregivers leave the room or leave for the day, it is important for babies to know that the caregiver will return. The game of peek-a-boo teaches babies that objects and people go away and come back. Because of this, we include at least one peek-a-book book in the collection. We were delighted to find a peek-a-boo that also includes such clever rhymes and such bright and bold illustrations.

You will notice that on the last page of the book, there is a photograph of a father and a child. Use that space to paste in a picture of your own. The picture could be of you, your child, or both of you. You can change the photo to different people your child knows so that your child will experience a sweet anticipation each time you reach for the book. Anticipation is a great thing in books as it creates wonderful activity in the brain and creates a strong attachment to books in general.

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