Meeow and the Little Chairs

Meeow and the Little Chairs

Meeow, a black cat, gets together with his friends, as they all bring over chairs in different colors and play imaginary games.

ISBN: 9781907152894
Author: Sebastien Braun
Publisher: Boxer Books
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 18 months

With its bright primary colors and simple premise, this is a perfect story to start children on picture books. We especially liked the imagination and cooperation that led the friends to turn their chairs into a train.

A wonderful way to enhance the experience of this book for your child is to make a train with her. Line up your kitchen chairs and climb aboard. You could even make a flag like Moo has by cutting a triangle out of a piece of paper or an old shirt and taping it to a pen or pencil. Don't forget to make your train noises!

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