Look at You!  A Baby Body Book

Look at You! A Baby Body Book

2011: Presents babies' early actions, sensations, and emotions as they express happiness at their newfound abilities and explore the world around them.

ISBN: 9780763639198
Author: Kathy Henderson
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 12 months

12 months is such an exciting age. Babies are aware of both themselves and the world around them. This book perfectly depicts all the everyday things in your child's life, from high-chair eating to diaper-changing to moods changing to exhausted sleeping. We could not find a better book to show babies themselves and their ever-expanding world.

Books become important to children when they recognize something in them. Your child will find many things to recognize on these pages. You can interact with this book by pointing out the things in the book that your child also does. You can further make the book important by talking about the book when you are doing your day's activities. For example, when you are cleaning your child's face after a meal, you could say, "you have a messy face just like the girl in your book." Your child may remember that comment next time you open the book and feel a stronger connection to the book. A strong connection to books is a great help for all the learning that lies ahead of your child.

Check out our tips for more ways you can share this book with a child.

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