Look at That!

Look at That!

Even though your baby does not understand your words at this age, she loves the sound of your voice. Every time your baby hears your voice and hears new words, her brain is growing. So in addition to reading the words on the pages, talk to your baby about things on the page. As your baby grows, you can introduce her to a variety of farm animals, by exploring animal names and noises.

ISBN: 9781605370101
Author: Guido Van Genechten
Publisher: Clavis
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 2 months

You will notice that each of the animal illustrations in this sweet book are surrounded by a black line. The black line separating the picture from the solid color background helps very young eyes to focus on the picture.

How do you read a book with just a single word on each page? The reading would be over rather quickly if you just read the animal name. You can instead use this book to talk and interact with your child. For example, with the snail on the first page, could you talk about how slowly a snail moves while running your finger slowly up your baby's arm? For example, could you "meow" on the cat page? Will your baby understand what you are doing or saying? No, but she is making connections between sounds, images, and the feeling of your touch that will help her with her language in the coming months and years.

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