If You're Happy and You Know It

If You're Happy and You Know It

An elephant, a monkey, and a giraffe join other animals in singing different verses of this popular song. The song encourages everyone to express their happiness through voice and movement.

ISBN: 9780823422272
Author: Jane Cabrera
Publisher: Holiday House
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 15 months

This is a song that toddlers have enjoyed for generations. The words, whether sung or spoken, have a rhythm that makes toddlers want to clap their hands, stamp their feet, and more. Having a child move when action words are spoken can help him understand the words better. Stomp, for example, is a mysterious word until you can make noise by picking your feet up and down. Words that are sung rather than spoken are more playful and more enjoyable for a child. This wonderfully illustrated book may make you sing (and stomp)!

Your child may not have the fine motor skills to do all of the actions in this book right away. But you can gently guide him through making the movements and noises in the book. Don't be shy about singing the words. Your child loves the sound of your voice and will enjoy the rhythm of the words even more when sung.

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