I Love Colors

I Love Colors

2011: Photographs emphasize the faces of babies wearing or holding a rainbow of their favorite things, from purple sunglasses to a bright orange flower.

ISBN: 9781416978886
Author: Margaret Miller
Publisher: Little Simon
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 4 months

Babies love to look at other babies' faces, especially at this age, and we have always included a baby face book in the collection for this reason.

In addition to great baby faces, this book is a wonderful introduction to color. Not only is the page a solid color, but the baby pictured is wearing something of that same color. As you are reading, you can point out these colors to your child. You might also point to the different colors that your own child is wearing. Of course, your child will not know his colors yet, but you saying them aloud and pointing to them helps his growing mind start to make connections.

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