I Can Help

I Can Help

2012/2013 distribution to 2yr olds: When a duck gets lost and a monkey helps him find his way, it starts a chain reaction in which all the young animals help each other solve their problems. Try this fun activity illustrated just for Raising Readers by David Hyde Costello!

ISBN: 9780374335267
Author: David Hyde Costello
Publisher: Farrar Strous & Giroux
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: 24 months

This delightful picture book about a series of jungle animals helping each other was selected because of the simple phrases like, "I can help" that repeat throughout the book . Words that repeat in a book, or books that are read again and again, can be very comforting for a child. We all want book reading to be a comforting experience for a child, because every time a book is read, a child's brain grows stronger. This is also a picture book that your child can explore alone in between readings, as the illustrations tell the story with even more details than the words.

Just like the animals in this book, family members help each other. You help the child in your life eat, bathe, play, learn, and sleep. As your two-year-old starts to understand more and more of what you say to him, you may welcome any help that understanding can give to your daily routine. For example, how wonderful to ask your child, "Can you help me pick a book to read?" Can you imagine your child answering the way the animals do by saying, "I can help"? Your child may start to use that phrase after many repeated readings of this book. Try repeating "I can help" together when it appears in the book, and praise your child when he is able to repeat that line with you. Your praise will create good feelings associated with reading time. And good feelings at reading time mean your child will be more open to all the learning and growing opportunities a book can offer. One of the funny parts of this story is that the duckling gets lost in the beginning of the book and again at the end of the book! Could you make a game out of this in your house or apartment? Try this fun activity illustrated just for Raising Readers by David Hyde Costello, or use a pair of stuffed animals to play a game of hide and seek.

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