Homer the Library Cat

Homer the Library Cat

2012/2013 distribution to 4yr olds: Homer is a very quiet cat. He lives in a very quiet house with a very quiet lady. But one day, while the lady is away, Homer hears a very loud sound, and out the window he goes! Poor Homer just wants to find a spot where he can curl up and be quiet, but his hometown is a surprisingly loud place. Will Homer find a bit of calm in all the noise? And will he ever find his quiet lady? Author Reeve Lindbergh, the daughter of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, has written many children’s books, including NOBODY OWNS THE SKY, and MY LITTLE GRANDMOTHER OFTEN FORGETS, as well as several memoirs for adults. She lives in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Illustrator Anne Wilsdorf was born in Angola. She is the illustrator of many books for children, including DOGS ON THE BED by Elizabeth Bluemle. Anne Wilsdorf lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she teaches illustration.

ISBN: 9780763634483
Author: Reeve Lindbergh
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: 4 years

The best characters in a story never know they are going on an adventure, and Homer is one of the best characters we have found in a picture book. We selected this book because Homer's adventure is filled with wonderful rhymes and highly detailed illustrations that allow children to explore Homer's town.

Visiting the Library, Just Like Homer Children have books that they love to read again and again, maybe it's this book. Reading a book again and again is comforting, and a child who is comfortable with books is a child who will love to learn. It is also wonderful to take your child to your local library to check out many more great books. Tell the librarian what your child's favorite book /thing to do/or what his favorite animal is. Librarians' favorite thing to do is find new books for your child to love. You might introduce the idea of going to the library by talking about Homer. You could ask something like, "Does Homer like to go to the library? Should we go to the library too?" As you are walking or driving to the library you might talk with your child about Homer's first library trip. Maybe you can look for the places in your community that Homer visited, like the post office or the fire station. Making connections like these between books and your child's real world can make a book a stronger experience. Listening to the Town, Just Like Homer: Poor Homer was frightened by many of the noises in his community. He heard the sounds of fire trucks, banging garbage cans, and sneezes. When you are on a walk with your child, try listening for the sounds of your community. Have your child guess what she hears. Together guess which sounds Homer would like and which sounds Homer would not like.

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