Hip, Hop

Hip, Hop

Playful images of favorite friendly animals hop and splash, tweet and purr in captivating, contrasting black and white illustrations that will engage babies and invite them to look!

Author: Catherine Hnatov
Publisher: Star Bright Books
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 2 months

Your baby's eyes are not fully developed yet, so they see high-contrast things best. The best contrast is a simple black object on a white background or vice versa. We selected this book because it may attract your baby's attention in a way that books with more complicated illustrations will not.

Hold your baby's attention by holding the book in front of her, or above her if she is on her back. Take advantage of her attention to the black and white pictures and talk with her about the animals on the pages. Along with reading the words on the left hand page, you can also talk about the bunny's long ears and fluffy tail. Remember that the sound your infant loves the most is the sound of your voice. The sense of comfort she gets from your voice will open her brain to receiving all the images and sounds that come from your reading, helping her brain grow strong. You might also hold the book sideways and simply flip through the colored pages of the book, naming the colors as you go.

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