Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

A brilliant board book for babies, toddlers and their parents to enjoy together. A great introduction to books through a well-known nursery song and interactive text.

ISBN: 9780859537285
Author: Carol Thompson
Publisher: Childs Play
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 9 months

This beloved toddler song is perfect for young ones to learn the parts of their body. It is also a great way for toddlers to move along with the rhythm of the book/song. The selection committee had been looking for a good version of this song and was pleased to find such a nice one from a Maine publisher.

"To teach your child this action song and the movements that go along with it, you might need to start with the questions, ""Where is your head? Where are your toes?"" Then, while singing, touch both hands to the head, then the shoulders, then the knees, and then the toes, in time with the words. This can be done sitting down or standing up. Either way will be fun for both of you! To hear the tune of the song visit: http://kids.niehs.nih.gov/lyrics/headsh.htm"

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