Gideon & Otto

Gideon & Otto

Otto is a toy octopus, and he’s Gideon’s favorite friend! Gideon brings Otto with him everywhere. But one day Otto doesn’t stay right where Gideon put him…


ISBN: 9780618436620
Author: Olivier Dunrea
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: 24 months

There are many funny books about Gideon and the other goslings by Olivier Dunrea. Your child may recognize herself in the young goose’s behavior. She may know what it feels like to love a toy deeply and to lose it (even temporarily). When your child sees her own experiences in books, books become important to her.

This book can also make your child feel powerful. After several readings, she might see the exact moment when Otto goes missing. While Gideon looks for Otto, your child might know where Otto is. Knowing something like this makes your child feel proud. She will feel even prouder when you praise her for remembering where Otto has fallen into the grass.


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