Cows in the Kitchen

Cows in the Kitchen

(Distributed by Raising Readers at the 2 Year visit from April 2008 - May 2009)
While Tom Farmer naps in the haystack, his animals take over the farmhouse. There are cows in the kitchen, ducks in the cupboard, hens on the hat stand, pigs in the pantry, and even sheep on the sofa! What will happen when Tom Farmer wakes up? June Crebbin’s boisterous text - a wild and wacky version of a nursery song modeled on "Skip to My Lou" - and Katharine McEwen’s spirited illustrations combine for some riotous barnyard fun.

Author: June Crebbin
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: 24 months

As a book committee, we look at hundreds of books. We know we have a winner when everyone starts to read a particular book aloud to each other or starts humming the tune. This picture book, set to the song, "Skip to My Lou," is a fun, chaotic romp through a farmhouse with a group of misbehaving farm animals. There is so much to look at in each picture, we thought children would want to return to the book again and again.

It might be fun to make a musical instrument for your child to shake in time with the music or the rhythm of this book. An easy musical instrument can be made by taking an empty toilet paper tube and taping a small piece of paper or tinfoil over one end. Put two spoonfuls of dried rice, beans or corn kernels in the tube. Cover the other end with paper or tinfoil and secure it with tape. Now your child has a shaker to shake in time with the words in the story. You can repeat this process with old cans or other recyclables.

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