Baby Faces Stroller Book

Baby Faces Stroller Book

The newborn selection from 04/28/2010 thru 5/31/11.(approx) This title was the Raising Readers newborn selection from 2010 thru 2011. This small board book shaped like the smiling baby face on the cover features the faces and behaviors of many different babies.

ISBN: 9780789466587
Author: DK Publishing
Publisher: DK
Binding: Board book
Age Group: Newborn 1

We chose this book for the Birth Bag because its size and durability mean you can take it anywhere your baby goes. This book can go in a purse, a diaper bag, or in a toy box ready to be pulled out and explored with a child. We also chose the book for the diversity of faces and emotions on the pages. Babies and toddlers love to look at the faces around them, from the reassuring faces of their caregivers to the new faces of other children passing by. We hope this book finds its way into your child's small hands as she grows.

Baby face books can help a child start to learn emotions and actions. Each page allows you to point out what each baby is doing and to talk about when your child also does such things as smiling or sleeping. Most of the children in the book are older than newborns and will be doing things your infant cannot, but it is never too soon to talk with your baby about the things that they and other babies do. By talking and holding a book in front of your infant, you start a habit of spending time together reading--an activity that is very important to developing healthy brains.

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