Baby Bear's Books

Baby Bear's Books

What's the best time of day for reading? Well, for Baby Bear, it's all day long. From the first wild wake-up book to the last gentle sleepy-time book—and all the adventures in between—each book takes Baby Bear somewhere new and exciting.

ISBN: 9780547570556
Author: Jane Yolen
Publisher: Harcourt
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: Newborn 1

You might wonder at us selecting a beautiful hardcover book with paper pages for the Birth Bag when your baby will be grasping, pulling, and chewing on books for many months to come. The book's message about finding opportunities to read as a family throughout the day is one we could not resist. This is a book to grow with and to experience at all ages, from infant tummy-time on through the toddler years. And don't worry if this book gets torn while using it—there is always tape!

In much of the advice about reading aloud to children, you will notice the suggestion to dedicate the same 20 minutes every day to a regular story time. That routine makes your child feel special and makes them see that books are special. That set time does not mean, though, that you cannot read anytime during the day. Mix board books into your toy box, tuck them in your diaper bag, and keep them any other place where you might have a chance to reach for them and engage with your child. That way when you read Baby Bear's Books to your child over the next few years, you can talk with her about all the different times and places you have shared books.

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