Animals (My Little Carry Me Books)

Animals (My Little Carry Me Books)

2012: This board book with rhyming text introduces various animals, including kangaroos, ducks, and dolphins.

ISBN: 9780756671969
Author: DK Publishing
Publisher: DK
Binding: Board book
Age Group: 9 months

The great photographs of animals in this book stand out for your curious child because of the publisher's choice of using bold full-color and white backgrounds. The kangaroo, dolphin, and tiger look like they could leap right off the page. The rhyming text introduces your child to rich words that she will add to her growing curiosity about language. We hope the book remains a favorite as she gets older and that you will see her carrying it by its convenient handle when she is walking.

Feel free to read the text on the page as well as to find ways to talk about the animals on each page and, when you can, relate them to your child's life. For example, you can point to the elephant's ears and show a child her own ears. Or you can demonstrate what a kangaroo leaping would feel like by rapidly tapping your fingers up a child's back. Then, show her what "creeping" is by slowly crawling your fingers up her back. Have fun coming up with ways to act out the wonderful actions of these animals. Make sure as you look at the pictures, you point to each object and its word.

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