A Red Train

A Red Train

The newborn selection from 04/28/2010 thru 5/31/11. (approx) Come take a ride with animals in a book that covers two concepts—colors and forms of transportation. A charming cat looks happily out the window of a red train, a bunny rides in a yellow rocket, and there’s also a blue car, an orange submarine, a green bus, a purple boat, and more!

ISBN: 9781906250010
Author: Sterling
Publisher: Boxer Books
Binding: Board book
Age Group: Newborn 3

We like to select bright and bold board books for the Birth Bag that you can enjoy with your child throughout their first year. A newborn cannot focus on the complex illustrations in many books. The more contrast in the book the more an infant's eyes can see. We liked the solid page of color on the left, allowing for a new explosion of color at the turn of every page. The amusing animals on the right will become more so as your child grows and can see more detail, like the cat peeking out of the window of the submarine.

Say the name of the color as you turn the pages for your infant. Of course, your infant will not know the word blue or be able to identify the color blue for a long time yet, but you start the learning process by building a connection between the sound of the word and the color on the page. Also feel free to talk with your infant about what you see in the pictures. The sound of your voice is a wonderful thing to your infant and he will enjoy hearing you talk about the alligator, giraffe, and elephant you see on the bus.

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