A House in the Woods

A House in the Woods

One little pig has made a little den for herself in the woods, and another little pig has a small hut next door. One morning they return from a walk to find that their big friend Bear has moved into the den and an even larger Moose into the hut. CRASH! With both homes collapsed, they're all in a pickle—but what if they find a way to build a house in the woods that all four of them can share? With lush, whimsically detailed illustrations and a cast of endearing, industrious (and most accommodating!) characters, Inga Moore constructs an inviting story of friendship that kids will be happy to visit awhile.

ISBN: 9780763652777
Author: Inga Moore
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Binding: Hardcover
Age Group: 4 years

Many children at this age are dealing with having to share space and toys with classmates and siblings. This book is a wonderful depiction of a group of friends working together to make a space and collection of things they can all enjoy. The highly detailed drawings of familiar Maine animals hammering, sawing, and driving a pickup is both sweet and silly.

There are so many opportunities for conversation in this book. When the pigs’ houses are broken, does that remind your child of a time when something he had was broken? Do you know anyone that drives a blue truck like the beavers? Are there similarities between your house and the house in the book? You can also make a connection to real Maine animals. All the animals in this book live in Maine, but they do not behave quite like this in real life. The bear going to bed early is an opportunity to talk about real bears going into hibernation. The beavers building the house in the book is an opportunity to talk about how beavers build homes in real life. Look for nonfiction books on these animals in the library. You might even talk about this book when you are outdoors. With some fallen sticks, you could pretend to build a house for Bear, Moose, and the Pigs. Bring along a peanut butter sandwich to thank your builder! Look for the "Beyond Reading Aloud" section in a Raising Readers edition of this book for other read-aloud ideas.

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