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Benefits of Reading Aloud to your 2-Month-Old

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There’s a lot happening in your little one’s brain at every age and stage. Because of all that’s happening, simple acts like reading aloud have many benefits for your baby. That’s why Raising Readers’ committee of clinicians and early literacy experts takes special care to choose the perfect books for each age group before they make their way into your home libraries.

In this series, one of those experts, Kathryn Landon-Malone, PhD and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, shares what’s happening at each given age and why reading aloud to your little one helps foster their growth and development.

At two months, babies are forming feeding and sleeping patterns that make more sense to grown-ups. They are delighting parents with smiling and cooing.  Too, they follow objects going side-to-side and love watching their hands. They ‘dance’ with us as they move their bodies to our voices. Two-month-olds can now recognize familiar people and objects. They notice when things are different or new. Reading to babies at this age is more interactive making book sharing time enjoyable for both babies and parents.

Here are some tips to help your baby connect with books when they’re 2 months old:

  • Try combining reading time with other patterns like before naps or bedtime when your time together is focused and calm.
  • Watch your baby scan the pages and notice what is focused on the most.
  • When sharing a book with your newborn, go slowly. Baby brains need time to take in pictures and words.
  • Share books with familiar objects, animals, and living things from the natural world.  Book sharing with two-month olds can be a whole experience of touching, seeing, hearing, and, most importantly, feeling loved and connected.

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