Pond Babies


2013/2014 distribution to 2Yr olds: Pond Babies helps kids in their exploration of the natural world as they discover the creatures that live around the pond. Vibrant cut-paper collage along with a humorous bit of self-discovery at the end make this the perfect book to share with the very young.

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A Read-Aloud with Cathryn Falwell: Turtle Splash

This post is part of a series of videos by Maine-based children’s book authors and illustrators reading aloud. This week, we’re featuring Cathryn Falwell,  author and illustrator of Turtle Splash. Doctors in Maine gave Turtle Splash to 4-year-olds back in 2005 and to 2 1/2-year-olds in 2018. Raising Readers also shared Cathryn’s books Pond Babies […]

Raising the Bar through Read Aloud

When adults read aloud to their children, they model fluent reading, ask questions to help them think about the story and connect to it, and read at a level above what the child can read by themselves. This exposes children to a larger vocabulary, more complex sentences, and higher-level ideas. Even in the lazy days […]

An Introduction to Early Brain Development

What is Early Brain Development? Those who spend time with children can’t help but marvel at their growth. From scrunched-up newborns to busy toddlers, the visible changes in the first three years of life are remarkable. Even more amazing, though, are the changes you can’t see. Babies are born with their brains still under construction. The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard […]

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