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Books for raising readers are quality, hardcover books selected by Maine people who know about children's literature: doctors, librarians, child development experts, and parents. By the time a child "graduates" from raising readers, he or she has a small library of twelve books to call their very own. Note: raising readers books turn over on a rolling basis, titles may vary.

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Mockingbird Song
This book has no reviews
Carol Thompson
Childs Play Intl Ltd (978-1-846435-74-4)
In a new version of the old lullaby "Hush Little Baby,” a baby is promised not a diamond ring, but a daisy ring and a day full of play with his or her caregivers.
Read to Your Bunny Very First Library (4pk)
This book has no reviews
Rosemary Wells
Scholastic (978-0-439871-90-7)
This classic nursery rhyme collection —an assortment of four beloved board books—is the ideal way to put baby on the road to reading. This charming collection is perfectly suited to help …
Animals, Zoom, Mommies and Babies set
This book has no reviews
Simms Taback
Blue Apple Books (978-1-934706-87-9)
Simms Taback's bright colors and bold illustrations bring a fresh look to beginning concept board books. The three board books present colorful cartoon images of different types of cars and trucks, a…
This book has no reviews
Keith Baker
Simon & Schuster (978-1-416991-41-0)
Get ready to roll through the alphabet with a jaunty cast of busy little peas. Featuring a range of zippy characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this delightful picture book highlights a vari…
A Kiss Means I Love You
This book has no reviews
Kathryn Madeline Allen
Albert Whitman (978-0-807541-86-9)
"A kiss means I love you, a wave means hello, a smile means I'm happy, a tug means, let's go!" Featuring engaging photographs of real children and sweet rhyming text, this fun read-aloud teaches littl…
Tumble Bumble
This book has no reviews
Felicia Bond
Harpercollins Childrens Books (1999; 0-694013-44-7)
As a tiny bug walks along, he is joined by a cat, a crocodile, a pig, and other animals, all of which end up in a boy's bed.

2 months

Look Look Outside!
This book has no reviews
Peter Linenthal
Penguin Group USA (978-0-803737-29-7)
Distribution to 2M 2014-2015: A baby looks outside the window and sees all sorts of interesting things. The striking black-and-white contrasting spreads are designed specifically for infant eyes and …
Baby's Very First Animals Book
This book has no reviews
Usborne/EDC/Kane Miller (978-0-794524-65-4)
Each brightly-bordered board-book page features an animal and the sound it makes. Simple animal shapes on black or white backgrounds make strong images for the youngest eyes.

4 months

Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug
This book has no reviews
Susan Musgrave
Orca Book Publishers (978-1-459801-63-9)
An enjoyable board book for babies and toddlers that introduces facial expressions, emotions, and gestures of affection. In Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug, emotions are linked to facial expressions with an…
I Love Colors
This book has 1 review
Margaret Miller
Simon & Schuster (978-1-416978-88-6)
An entertaining and sturdy photographic board book features full-color, close-up portraits of babies and a brilliant rainbow of their favorite things, from purple sunglasses to bright orange flowers.

6 months

Peek-a WHO?
This book has no reviews
Nina Laden
Chronicle Books (978-0-811826-02-0)
The reader can look through die-cut pages for a clue to complete a game of peek-a-boo. Colorful pictures and simple rhyming build the anticipation of what's hiding on the next page and keep youngster…
Noisy Farm
This book has no reviews
DK Publishing
Dorling Kindersley LTD (978-0-756609-87-0)
With expressive baby phrases and entertaining noises that are fun to read and stimulate talking, Fun Flaps are tuned into a baby's developmental milestones, encouraging early conversation between the …

9 months

One, two, three...Crawl!
This book has no reviews
Carol Thompson
Childs Play Intl Ltd (978-1-846436-14-7)
Run, climb, crawl, or jump – everybody loves to move! Fast or slow, up or down, alone or with our friends! Carol Thompson’s exquisite illustrations allow us to share and explore the strug…
Big Fat Hen
This book has no reviews
Keith Baker
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (1997; 978-0-152013-31-8)
"One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, shut the door...Nine, ten, big fat hen!" The familiar counting rhyme has been moved to the hen house in this bright book for babies and toddlers. Each set of n…

12 months

Baby's Busy World
This book has no reviews
DK Publishing
Penguin Group USA (978-0-756610-18-0)
Program distribution at 12M 2014/2015: Featuring all the things that babies love to do, from playing peek-a-boo to tickling tummies and counting toes, Baby's Busy World is sure to become a child's fav…
Lift the Tab Words
This book has no reviews
Roger Priddy
Macmillan (978-0-312516-21-5)
There are over fifty essential first words to learn in this sturdy board book, which has picture tabs around the top and sides to help little fingers find the categories inside – food, clothes, …

15 months

Who Am I?  Farm Animals
This book has no reviews
DK Publishing
Dorling Kindersley LTD (978-0-756690-17-5)
Guess who's hiding! With a peephole format to keep babies and toddlers engaged, and age-appropriate text introducing simple facts about favorite objects and animals, this board book provides the perfe…
Goodnight Owl
This book has no reviews
Dwell Studios
Blue Apple Books (2011; 978-1-609050-83-2)
Simple text invites the reader to look under lift-up flaps to find various creatures as they go to sleep at night in the forest.

18 months

Time For A Hug
This book has no reviews
Phillis Gershator
Sterling Publishing (978-1-454908-56-2)
Distribution to 18M 2014-2015: When is it time for a hug? Anytime! From the moment Little Bunny wakes up in the morning until the moon comes out and the stars shine, every hour includes a warm hug fro…
Night-Night Forest Friends
This book has no reviews
Annie Bach
Penguin Group USA (978-0-843172-78-2)
As the sun sets, animals all over the forest get ready for bed. Papa rabbit tucks his babies in among the leaves, fuzzy bears settle in their den, and little foxes snuggle together under the moonlight…

24 months

Around the Neighborhood, A Counting Lullaby
This book has no reviews
Sarah L. Thomson
Amazon Children's Publishing (978-0-761461-64-7)
2014/2015 distribution to 4Yr olds: The popular lullaby "Over in the Meadow" is reimagined in this fun counting book that visits the families in a neighborhood, including a mother and her child, a dog…
Hello Baby!
This book has no reviews
Mem Fox
Simon & Schuster (978-1-416985-13-6)
2015-2016 distribution to 2yr olds: After meeting a bevy of baby animals — including a clever monkey, a sleepy leopard, and a dusty lion cub — the baby in this story discovers the most pre…

3 years

There Was A Tree
This book has no reviews
Rachel Isadora
Penguin Group USA (978-0-399257-41-4)
RR 3yr old selection 2014/2015. A favorite children's song also known as "The Green Grass Grew All Around" is presented in a tribute to African wildlife and culture. "The prettiest tree that you eve…
Sleep Like a Tiger
This book has no reviews
Mary Logue
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (978-0-547641-02-7)
In this magical bedtime story, the lyrical narrative echoes a Runaway Bunny-like cadence: “Does everything in the world go to sleep?” the little girl asks. In sincere and imaginative dialo…

4 years

Harold Finds A Voice
This book has 1 review
Courtney Dicmas
Childs Play Intl Ltd (978-1-846435-50-8)
2014/2015 distribution to 4 year olds - A clever parrot named Harold gets tired of mimicking just the sounds in the apartment where he lives, so one day he seizes the opportunity to escape out into th…
A House in the Woods
This book has no reviews
Inga Moore
Candlewick Press (978-0-763652-77-7)
One little pig has made a little den for herself in the woods, and another little pig has a small hut next door. One morning they return from a walk to find that their big friend Bear has moved into t…

5 years

Tales for Growing Tall: A Raising Readers Collection for the Children of Maine
This book has no reviews
Penguin Group USA (978-0-803741-17-1)
2014/2015: This book is an anthology of five picture books, each created by an author or illustrator from Maine. It contains the wonderful picture books Beach Day, illustrated by Peaks Island artist …
Raising Readers: A  Medley of Maine Children’s Stories
This book has no reviews
Down East Books (978-1-608934-66-9)
This book is an anthology of five picture books, each created by an author or illustrator from Maine. It contains the wonderful picture books Maine ABC, created by Maine artist Susan Ramsay Hoguet; W…