raising readers Recommends: "Great Books – Great Topics"


Check back for updated lists later this summer!
Exploring books is a great way to help children learn about their world. Reading about a character dealing with a similar situation can help ease a child's fear and prepare her for new experiences. Children's books are available on a variety of topics from adoption to starting school to the loss of a pet. We've collected some of our favorites in our newly updated Topics Brochure. It's a list parents can trust—the books are doctor reviewed and recommended! Ask for them at your local library or bookstore.

View the entire Topic Brochure here, or select one of the individual subject pages below:

RR.Topics2011Adoption.jpg RR.Topics2011Babies.jpg RR.Topics2011Bedtime.jpg RR.Topics2011BooksandRe.jpg RRTopicBrochure2011.chil.jpg RR.Topics2011Nutrition.jpg RR.Topics2011Feelings.jpg RR.Topics2011Health.jpg RR.Topics2011Loss.jpg RR.Topics2011NewBaby.jpg RR.Topics2011physicalact.jpg RR.Topics2011Separation.jpg RR.Topics2011toiletteach.jpg

"Real Life - Real Books" a great article about using children's literature to discuss every day issues. This article was recently published in a recent publication of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Posted with permission from the NAEYC.