Parents who read to their infants and young children are well on their way to raising readers. Recent research studies have shown that early childhood experiences help determine brain structure, shaping thinking and learning. In addition, children who are read to regularly are more likely to succeed when they learn to read in school.

When you talk to parents about the importance of reading often, consider printing out and giving them this Reading Tips Sheet.

If you have parents who might be learning English as a Second Language, consider giving them a Reading Tip Sheet in their native language!

Reading Tips Sheets in Other Languages

Encourage parents to:

  • Read to their child every day.
  • Choose books together.
  • Make a story come alive by acting out what's happening.
  • Create a reading routine (bedtime, naptime).
  • Visit the local library or bookstore.
  • Ask other family members to help read
  • Print a Reading Tips Sheet
    Print a Reading Tips Poster

  • Have Fun!