Lapsit Reading

As an early childhood educator, you play a very important role in the development of the minds of the young children in your care. It is important that you know that the books in the raising readers program are selected by a team of Maine people who know about children's literature: librarians, early childhood development specialists, daycare providers, doctors, and parents. They work hard to be sure that the books children receive from their healthcare providers help parents continue the wonderful early literacy work you do with their children every day!

You can remind parents about the importance of reading often to their child by giving them a:

If you have parents who might be learning English as a Second Language, consider giving them a Reading Tip Sheet in their native language!

Reading Tips Sheets in Other Languages

Developmental Milestones
All raising readers books are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate for each age. Newborns love books with bright colors and black and white images. A busy two-year-old usually likes books with simple rhymes and pictures and books about bedtime. In contrast, children in the three to five-year-old age group might enjoy stories of other children like themselves or books with simple text they can memorize.

Reading Animal Play

Here are some developmental milestones that children undergo as they grow:

Infants Birth to 1 year1 to 2 year olds2 to 3 year olds3 to 5 year olds