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Early Childhood Care Providers and Educators play a crucial role in the development of the children they care for. Recent research studies have shown that early childhood experiences help determine brain structure, shaping thinking and learning. In addition, children who are introduced to books and early literacy skills from a young age are more likely to succeed when they go to school.

Many raising readers books have an activity page printed into the back of the book. These activity pages support early literacy skill-building and were developed by Susan Bennett-Armistead, PhD, the Correll Professor of Early Literacy at the University of Maine.

Using raising readers Books: 2014 Maine Early Literacy Calendar


Click the links below to download the calendar pages for each month/featured book. If you'd like a copy of the calendar, please email your name and mailing address to:

January - Setting the Scene for Literacy
18 months: Time For a Hug

February - Creating a Love of Literacy
Newborn: A Kiss Means I Love You

March - Promoting Oral Language
4 months: Baby Look

April - Building Vocabulary
4 Year: Harold Finds A Voice

May - Learning How Text Works
2 months: Look Look Outside

June - Playing with Sounds of Language
24 months: Around The Neighborhood

July - Building World Knowledge
15 months: Who Am I? Farm Animals

August - Promoting Letter Recognition
9 months: Big Fat Hen

September - Connecting Letters and Sounds
12 months: Baby's Busy World

October - Building Genre Awareness
36 months: There Was A Tree

November - Building Comprehension
6 months: Peek-a-Who?

December - Promoting Writing
60 months: Tales For Growing Tall: A raising readers Collection for the Children of Maine

Note: Distribution of each title may not coincide with the month in which it is featured. raising readers books turn over on a rolling basis.

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