Total Books Given: 2,379,898

Parents & Families

Parents & Families

What an amazing time this is in your child's life! In this time between the ages of birth to five, your child's brain and knowledge grows at a faster rate than it ever will again. Children who are read to from an early age tend to be better learners when they get to school. Find out how you can help.

Healthcare Providers

Health Care Professionals

Books Build Brains! As a healthcare provider, you play a key role in the raising readers program. In this section you'll find: book lists, literacy resources, current research, literacy and health information, and forms for administering the program in your practice.

Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Care Providers and Educators play a crucial role in the development of the children they care for. Download our Literacy Explorer Kits and utilize the books already in your families' homes, view the Early Literacy Calendar, and read more about literacy and health.